Hello, kindly reader, and welcome to my first-ever blog. Depending on my energy level from here on out, this here gizmo will be filled with articles, links, pictures, personal anecdotes, and analysis of varying quality. Feel free to laugh, cry, smile, throw things at (your) computer screen, compliment me, write me angry emails, lionize me, call my mom and complain, or whatever it is that shows that you’ve borne witness to this (pending) work of art I call a “web log”.



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2 responses to “Willkommen!

  1. Steph

    But Kate, you’ve had at least 3 other blogs that I’ve seen, so this isn’t technically your first…

  2. stopbeingsokate

    So it’s my first-ever blog that I actually intend to take seriously. Semantics, really.

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