Why I (Still) Support Hillary

So I support Hillary Clinton. Oh, and I’m 19, and a college student at a liberal university. Shocking, right?

I think people just assume that young voters automatically flock to Barack Obama, because he promises hope and change and freedom and happiness and whatnot, and that may be true. I certainly fell for that idea in the beginning: I wanted to make sure that I didn’t do just that; I wanted to ensure that my choice for president was based on facts, not hype. I went and saw Barack speak and– unlike the rest of the world– just wasn’t that impressed with him. He didn’t seem to talk issues so much as abstract concepts. He seemed to be running on a platform of “trust me” rather than “here’s why.”

This is not to say that Barack Obama is not a good candidate. He certainly has potential to be a great president, and I would vote and indeed campaign for him in a heartbeat over John McCain. Hillary Clinton just knows her stuff. Anyone who has seen her debate knows this is true. Get her talking about policy, and she’s off like a rocket, explaining intimate details, forgotten histories, and future plans. After 8 years of cowboy-presidency, goodness knows that we could use a little smartening-up.

But that’s not all. I believe that Hillary Clinton can make the Change (TM) happen. Barack Obama loves to preach it, but he has yet to prove to me that he can actually DO it. The fact is, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have almost identical policy ideas, so it all comes down to who will make it happen- who will be able to clean up after the Bush Administration, and restore the United States back to working order. Hillary Clinton has worked hard for health care for children, for help for 9/11 rescue workers, for good foreign relations, and so much more. She IS more experienced, not only in the Senate, but in the White House as well.

She has frustrated me a million times, saying things I wish she wouldn’t and voting for things I wish she didn’t. But it all comes back to who the best president will be, and she remains at the top of my list.

Do I want this primary season to be over? Yes, yes, million times yes. I cannot wait to return to disagreeing with Republicans, rather than with Democrats. But Hillary Clinton is a fighter, and I know that in order for the best candidate to win, the fight must continue.


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  1. ANN

    I am a senior citizen, female and Caucasian. I would not vote for Hillary Clinton because everything I know about the woman indicates she will say whatever is necessary for political expediency. In that way, she is no different than George W. Bush. What concerns me the most, however, is her negative campaigning against Barrack Obama. She does not need to be the catalyst which splits apart the Democratic Party so that victory becomes possible for John McCain.

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