Beyond the Blogroll

I just updated my blogroll with all kinds of blogs dealing with the 2008 presidential election and politics in general. I will also be adding more as I think of them/find them. But, just to bring them to your attention, here is a list of my favorite blogs that I think you should check out:

Wonkette– Not for the easily offended. Formerly of the tagline “Politics for People with Dirty Minds,” the DC-based Wonkette explores the dirtier side of politics, with snarky and sarcastic comments about everything from major political scandals to everyday life on the campaign trail. Fun read, all around.

Calitics– A blog focusing on the OTHER November races: those in the state legislature and on other, more local levels. If you’re not already interested in California politics, you will be after reading this blog.

Daily Kos– One of the most visited blogs on the internet, and the most popular of all progressive blogs. I don’t always agree with everything on the site, but they have a huge audience and indeed a ton of power in politics. Never dull.

MyDD– Similar to DailyKos, an always-active blog about progressive politics around the country. A little more open to unpopular opinions than Kos.

Justin Webb’s America– A really cool blog by the North American Editor of the BBC. Talks almost entirely about the American presidential race, which is interesting to hear about from a foreigner.

There are lots others. Check ’em out.


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