An American in Europe

So I forgot to mention in my last post that I was leaving for almost 3 weeks to go to Italy, but, I did, and now I’m back, and the world continues to turn.

Europe was an exciting experience that made me both appreciate and be embarassed by my Americanism, due mostly to the fact that I watched a lot of BBC World News. BBC News, and I don’t suggest any sort of bias, although it has been suggested before, likes to host a lot of anti-American guests who love to rant about how Europe is collectively held hostage by the United States, and, particularly, the-lovechild-of-Stalin-and-Satan-and-Nanners-the-talking-monkey, George W. Bush, and how the United States is destroying the world and its citizens are ignorant and stupid and uncultured and probably fat and wow this is a long sentence.

That was the BBC News. Although I didn’t talk to too many Europeans mostly because I was with my parents which therefore made me a child, and also, oh yeah, I speak English and Italians speak Italian, those I did talk to did not seem to hate me too much. I was never lectured about the Iraq War or global warming or anything US v World related, although I have heard of that happening. Overall, and this may be because we stayed in relatively tourist-friendly parts, people didn’t really care. Just an observation.


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