Dear Mr. Obama,

Hey Barack, it’s me, Kate.

I just thought I’d write to you about your recent, er, decision-making.

I’ll be blunt: I don’t like it. It’s one thing to be for guns. I’ll even give you federal funding for faith-based charities. But sir, with all due respect, it is another issue altogether to vote against the Constitution. AP News titled the story “Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill.” Did you see that?

I have a confession. I was a Hillary supporter (she voted against the bill, by the way, but  we’ll let bygones be bygones). But let’s be clear, she lost and you won and I am behind you 100% now. I could see, even from the San Francisco office of the Clinton campaign, that you were a good, principled man with an extraordinarily bright future in politics, and I had no problem making the switch when Hillary bowed out.

But you’re making it hard for me.

I know you’re trying to seem not too “liberal.”
I know that the vote wasn’t close anyway.
I know you think you’ve already got the Democrat vote locked up.

But come on, man. Remember those aforementioned principals? Why did those have to fly out the window once you became the Democratic presidential nominee? Remember standing up for your convictions? Why do those have to be sacrificed in the pursuit of a few extra votes you probably won’t get? Hey, remember the Constition? Why does that have to be thrown away in order for you to seem more “moderate?”

You’re supposed to be better than that, B. You were supposed to be the first.

I still support you and will hard for your campaign, but please choose more wisely next time. The American people and the Constitution are counting on you.




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