Political Junkies, Unite!

I have been hearing about FiveThirtyEight.com for a while now, but I until today I had never visited it. I stumbled across it today, and was amazed. Amongst other things, the site contains up-to-date statistics of:

– Every possible outcome of the 2008 Presidential election, and the likelihood each happens

– The likelihood of any particular state making the difference in the race

– The likelihood of each candidate winning each state

– A trend tracker

Seriously, it’s both ridiculous and beautiful. If you like number-crunching or just dying for November to come around, you should definitely check out this site.

P.S. I’m not getting paid for this- but it would be cool if I was.

EDIT 7/31/08: Commenter (and friend of Kantankerations) Steve S. brought up another cool site: Hominid Views. I love any site that tells me Barack Obama has a 99.97% chance of winning- check it out.


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One response to “Political Junkies, Unite!

  1. Hominid Views is good too (http://hominidviews.com/). Make sure to read the FAQ, since it explains how they analyze the polls.

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