Tina Fey for Vice President

Surely by now you’ve heard about them- the videos that rocked the nation. Tina Fey IS Sarah Palin, except that she is probably smarter and a better role model for women, not to mention better at reading lines.

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Give a PSA

Sarah Palin As Interviewed by Katie Couric (with actual dialogue)

Sarah Palin at the Vice Presidential Debate

As funny as these are (which is to say, REALLY funny), Sarah Palin as Vice President is no joke. Even if it sounds like a joke, as so many people have told me- even if it sounds like McCain could not have possibly chosen her because really, she is such a moron, have you heard some of the things she has said? But its not a joke. Sarah Palin wants to EXPAND the powers of the Vice Presidency, beyond where Cheney, the most powerful Vice President in American history has taken them. Even worse, she said that she would go to war with Russia– 40+ years of terrible Cold War diplomacy managed to avoid that, and now one woman with no foreign policy experience could destroy our peace with a non-threatening country that is in many cases an ally. She is the LAST thing this country needs right now, and everyone should be working their asses to make sure her and her elderly runningmate are denied on November 4th.


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